Intellectual Property Associations of Minas Gerais (RMPI)

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Minas Gerais is located in Southeastern Brazil and it is the fourth largest state of the country. As the third largest economy in Brazil, Minas Gerais accounts for 10% of the national GDP. The state relies on a diversified production structure, mainly focused on agribusiness, intermediate goods, mining and services.

Minas Gerais plays a central role in agribusiness and medical areas and houses traditional Colleges of Agriculture, Biochemistry, Medicine and Pharmacy, besides important research, development and learning institutions.


The Intellectual Property Associations of Minas Gerais (RMPI) was created on July 16, 2003. RMPI is a nonprofit association that supports Scientific and Technological Institutions (STI) of the Minas Gerais state, Brazil, in the area of intellectual property and innovation management, thus strengthening the protection of the development of scientific and technological knowledge in the state. The RMPI is composed of 27 technology transfer offices and belongs to the STI of the Minas Gerais state. It has expertise in biotechnology and has already developed some technologies, while others are under development. These technologies encompass agribusiness and biomedicine, among other fields.

The headquarters of RMPI is at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa – UFV and it is represented by the Permanent Committee of Intellectual Property (CPPI)/ UFV Dear of Research and Graduate Programs.


To disseminate and implement Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Innovation policy, aimed at developing and strengthening the protection and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, through the support to scientific and technological institutions of the State.


Rodrigo Gava (UFV) e Ado Jorio de Vasconcelos (UFMG)

Intellectual Property


RMPI develops technologies in the areas of forestry, plant pathology, crop science, plant production and development of plant cultivars.

Animal Science

RMPI develops technologies for the elaboration of the Brazilian Table of Food Composition, besides the determination of the nutritional requirements for poultry, swine and cattle. It holds technology related to ​​reproduction biotechnology, animal feed production and development of diagnostic kits.

Production Engineering

RMPI has developed technologies to create new drugs, vaccines and medicines to treat human and animal diseases, besides providing diagnosis.

Biomedical Engineering

RMPI has developed technologies to produce diagnostic kits for the detection of hemoglobinopathies, coagulopathies, virology and immunohematology.


RMPI has developed technologies in the areas of animal and plant microbiology, and microbiological analysis of the quality of medicines


RMPI has developed technologies in biology, with studies on animal venoms.


RMPI has developed technologies in human and animal immunology.


RMPI has developed technologies to be used in animal and plant breeding.

Veterinary Medicine

RMPI has developed technologies in ​​disease control, including the development of synthetic vaccine for cattle tick. Technologies in the area of veterinary pharmaceutical nanotechnology have also been developed.


RMPI has developed technologies related to veterinary pharmaceutical nanotechnology, therapeutic potential of bee products, drugs for treating diseases and vaccines against bacterial toxins.

Science and Food Technology

RMPI has developed technologies in packaging, recombinant bacteria of enzymes and other compounds, dairy products and foods in general.


RMPI has developed technologies of chemical products and processes with high added value, such as ceramics, polymers, composites and biomaterials.

Mechanical Engineering

RMPI has developed technologies applied to new machinery and equipment for industrial, medical, dental, veterinary and agricultural use.


RMPI has developed technologies in the area of ​​blood-borne diseases and in the biological control of pathogens and parasites of plants and animals.

Scientic and Technological Institutions

Affiliate Institucions


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